Continuing my efforts to be transparent, I am sharing with you a wealth of data on the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic obtained through the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

The information is in response to a letter I sent to Dr. Rachel Levine, secretary of the Department of Health, on July 9. In the letter, I raised questions about testing, contact tracing, policy and data management. 

I want to thank Dr. Levine and the Pennsylvania Department of Health for the efforts to get the data. This level of transparency in data and information is greatly appreciated. I felt it important for the public to also see this information and have posted it to my website.

Response Letter from Dr. Levine

COVID Cases by date

PCR Tests per person per county

Inmate testing data

Positive antibody tests by date


CVS agreement

Quest agreement

Eurofins agreement

Weekly COVID lab timelines

Specific specimen collection date and locations

Specimen collection sites

Contract for contact tracing services

Additional contact tracing contracts

Statement of work for contact tracing services