Grove: House Republicans Once Again Lead on Budget
HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania House Republican Appropriations Chairman Seth Grove (R-York) announced a final decision on funding for Pennsylvania’s state-related universities. The final product resulted from House Republicans again leading on Pennsylvania’s budget.
“House Republicans have once again demonstrated what actual leadership and governing looks like by agreeing to fund the state-related universities of Penn State, Temple, Pitt and Lincoln,” Grove said.  “For months, House Democrats have tried to avoid a bipartisan compromise and issue the universities a pass on tuition freezes and greater transparency. Because House Republicans stood our ground, we delivered a historic expansion of Right-to-Know Law compliance by the state-related universities and a responsible spending plan.”
Grove also added the funding agreement included vital funding for Pennsylvania farmers. “The plan included funding for the Penn State Agricultural Extension, which supports Pennsylvania’s largest industry,” Grove said.    
While significant strides were made to reform Pennsylvania’s policies toward higher education, Grove promised more work is still to come. 

“These significant reforms are enough to move forward with funding for Fiscal Year 2023-24, and we look forward to building on these reforms during the next budget process,” Grove added. “This includes looking further at grant funding and a 2024-25 school year tuition freeze, both of which Democrats voted for this session.”   

Representative Seth Grove
196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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