Grove Comments on HB 611 Line-Item Veto
HARRISBURG – The following statement is issued on behalf of House Republican Appropriations Chairman Seth Grove (R-York) following the Gov. Josh Shapiro’s signature and line-item veto of House Bill 611:

“I am disappointed Gov. Shapiro followed through on breaking his word by line-item vetoing Lifeline Scholarships in House Bill 611,” said Grove. “I applaud President Pro-tempore Kim Ward, Senate Majority Leader Joe Pittman, and Senate Appropriations Chairman Scott Martin for acting as the adults in the room to complete this step in the budget process. It’s unfortunate they were put in this position by the governor to begin with. We now look to Gov. Shapiro to stand by his word on the code bills to gain back trust in this budget process and future legislative work.  

“With the recent bond downgrade of the federal government, we must ensure the code bills keep the Commonwealth on solid financial footing. Deficit spending is leading the country into a financial crisis; we must ensure Pennsylvania does not follow the same path. I look forward to working with all stakeholders to finish out this budget year and urge the House Democrats to return the House to session immediately to complete this work,” Grove added. 

Please note, the House Republican Approriations Committee will now be tracking the length of the Great Betrayal Partial Budget Impasse as the state still does not have a complete budget.  

Representative Seth Grove 196th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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